Solarity design for ‘1000 huts’ initiative by Reforest Scotland

Solarity designed a hut for a ‘hutter’ according to the formula laid down by Reforest Scotland. This is what the hut looks like.

  • 30 sq. m. max floor area
  • Galleried sleeping platform within main space.
  • No mains electricity
  • No mains drainage
  • Made of materials easy to remove/demount/reuse.
  • No mains water

The design of the roof was intended to assist in the collection of rainwater by having no gutters, but just two collecting points for rainwater.

Sketch showing analysis of walling design options and their U-values.

In a later version a woodburning stove was added. The wood structure at the end of the ‘pier’ is a composting toilet. The roof here is shown as cedar shakes, but flattened-out recycled aluminium cans was also considered.

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