The Climate Facts being withheld from us

Solarity is posting the latest NASA/NOAA information on oceanic temperatures here, because NOBODY ELSE IS.

The oceans have so far kept us out of serious trouble by absorbing 90% plus of the extra heat trapped inside the Earth’s atmosphere by human-made greenhouse gasses. But as the ocean temperatures climb their ability to absorb the extra heat is reaching an end. This year that absorption is OFF THE CHARTS, signalling enormous climatic changes in the pipeline. Changes that will destroy all the norms we have come to expect from earth’s hitherto relatively docile climate.

The mechanism for the end of civilisation is so simple. It is the inability to grow food crops in a rapidly changing climate. First food prices will rise rapidly, and as crops fail worldwide food will start to become unavailable altogether. Then riots will ensue and disorder that cannot be contained, because food stocks continue to dwindle until they are gone. That is how civilisation ends. And it is coming to us much much sooner than we thought.

The chart above has been published by ZERO media outlets, as these are controlled by climate change denial individuals and corporates. They don’t want anyone to do anything about climate change. That would disrupt their profits. They urge us in their denial and suppressing of the scientific evidence that we are destroying our Earth. They urge us:  DON’T LOOK UP!

Solarity thinks you have a right to know your planet is being torn to pieces by our addiction to coal, oil and gas. What to do about that? NO NEW OIL, and then NO OIL AT ALL when we get renewables built.

We lived without coal, oil and gas for tens of thousands of years. We can do so again. We have to. If we don’t, we are finished, and soon.

There is another endless energy source that can save us, however. The ancients used it before the ‘advent’ of fossil fuels. Look up and it is there.



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