Peter King



About Peter

Peter is the practice Principal and architectural consultant.

He was born in Kenya and educated there, in the USA and in the UK. His architectural training began at the University of Manchester (UK) and continued at the University of Glasgow, Mackintosh School of Architecture, in Scotland.

Peter began practice as a qualified architect in 1982 and worked in both large and small practices before forming Solarity Architecture in 2005. His experience ranges from large commercial and healthcare projects to small industrial and residential projects. 

Peter specializes in the alteration and extension of historic property and is most passionate about solar passive design, sustainability, and Vernacular, Organic and Arts and Crafts architecture.

Peter says, ‘Ninety-nine percent of all buildings built since the birth of Christ are carbon ‘junkies’, relying on wood, coal, oil or gas for their energy. Before the advent of fossil fuels most human structures faced the sun. Turning the world’s existing buildings around to face the sun isn’t possible, but all new buildings really should face the sun, and those that don’t need to be super-insulated, if we want any kind of future on planet Earth’. 

Peter is married, has two grownup kids, cycles, has a vegetable garden and is a member of Extinction Rebellion.