Frank Lloyd Wright: Sustainability Personified

This is a plan of one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs for grouped individual homes – Galesburg County Homes of Charleston, Michigan, USA, of 1948. 

The idea was that each home was placed on a 1 acre plot, sufficient space for a household to grow its own food. Layouts like this make possible a sustainable architecture because in it there is space for the individual and also space for Nature, if a few of the circles are left as wildlife preserves. 

The houses themselves could all face within 30 degrees of the solar direction similar to the house design below – also by Wright. Doing this would avail them of 90% or more of available solar radiation for free heating. Moreover each house could be an individual creation as is shown on the coloured version of the siteplan for Galesburg at the bottom of this blog.

Sustainability, individuality, and room for Nature. The enduring legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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