Al Gore’s Chilling Warning from 2006. What Can Architects do to Mitigate Climate Change?

There are plenty of conspiracy theorists out there trying to discredit Al Gore. However the scientific facts, and the scientific community bear out the truth of this message. The Earth is getting hotter, we are seeing more extreme weather events, the poles are experiencing dramatically accelerated ice melt, and permafrost all over the northern territories of Canada, Alaska and Russia are thawing, releasing huge quantities of methane itself a powerful greenhouse gas, one of many feedback loops that will accelerate the warming and the climate change it is bringing.

In order to mitigate climate change humanity needs to reduce human-made carbon emissions dramatically. The figure given to this is that humanity needs to reduce carbon emissions by 7.5% per anum from now until 2050 to avoid global average atmospheric temperatures rising above 1.5 degrees above the pre-industrial norm. 

But according to the latest information this is no longer possible – three degrees is already locked into the system.

Under these rather desperate circumstances Solarity’s mission is to promote solar passive energy uptake in architecture as a carbon-replacement strategy. Heating of buildings accounts for up to 10% of carbon emissions in the developed world, so reducing the heating load in buildings by using the sun can have a tangible effect on carbon emissions. 

As architects that is as much as we can do – but it is quite alot in terms of our country’s carbon profile. Solar passive may not itself turn the ship around, but it can help push things in the right direction. 

See the diagram below for what the main sources of greenhouse gasses are:

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