Solarity Architecture's mission is to help you go solar. Not by selling you a product, but by giving you free advice.

We are a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to help anyone involved in property to make the most of the free energy the sun supplies. Whether you are planning a newbuild, have plans drawn up already, live in an existing building, or are a designer of buildings we hope to help you identify where you can use the sun most effectively.


The climate is changing and 99% of the world’s scientists say this is happening because of human activity. In particular carbon emissions appear to be causing a planet-wide greenhouse effect. 2016 was the hottest year in recorded history and there have been many reports that the Arctic was 30 degrees Centigrade warmer than scientists expected over the Christmas period in 2016/2017. There is change in the air, climatewise, and some scientists advise that these may come quickly.

The tipping point. The world’s climate can’t go on absorbing the changes we are forcing on it, and there is a tipping point beyond which we have no power to make things go back to a stable state. Solarity is committed along with the environmental community to reducing carbon emissions as quickly as possible in the hope that we are not already beyond the tipping point. The need to move away from carbon emitting fuels now appears to be urgent, but what are the alternatives?

Nuclear energy was once offered as a wonder solution to give us endless quantities of clean cheap energy. But the legacy of the nuclear energy industry appears to consist of vastly expensive engineering undertakings where quoted electricity prices are kept artificially low by government subsidies (i.e. you and I paying), enormous toxic cleanup bills that don’t appear to be factored into nuclear electricity prices, and a string of nuclear disasters such as those at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Nuclear energy does not appear to offer us what was promised in terms of endless cheap electricity, and its toxic effects can last for thousands of years. Instead of being the clean carbon-free fuel of the future, it appears to present a poisoned pill for our grandchildren due to sky-high decommissioning and cleanup costs, and the risk of nuclear accidents. Many nuclear power plants are located in coastal locations to avail themselves of ocean cooling water. One of the effects of global warming is sea level rise which some scientists are predicting will be in the multi-metre range by the end of this century. Under those circumstances nuclear power plants are especially vulnerable, and they could when flooded make our seas into a toxic sludge. Nuclear energy is toxic.

Solar energy has no cleanup costs, is non-toxic and endless in its quantity. Sir David Attenborough said of it:

‘the world, with good research and scientists, should get together and solve the remaining problems in gathering, storing and transmitting energy which you derive from the sun – from non-polluting resources – and to do so at a price which will undercut the price of energy obtained from oil and coal. We understand the principles, what we need now is to refine them so we can do it really economically and then the fossil fuels – oil and coal – would simply remain in the earth and cause no more problems to the climate.’

This statement refers to the Global Apollo Programme which is setting out to make solar energy price-competitive with fossil fuels. Sir David continues..

‘We only take one five thousandth part of the energy the sun sprays on the earth everyday. This much would provide all the energy requirements of humanity, and the fact that we haven’t tapped it directly before is really extraordinary.’


It is possible to harness solar energy at a micro level by adopting a passive solar energy design approach to buildings. This design approach can provide heat to buildings to replace that which is currently being supplied by fossil fuels – the fuels that are emitting high levels of carbon into the atmosphere and causing global warming. Solar passive can heat both small and large buildings – there is no limit to the size of building, in theory.


Passive solar design is not easy to achieve. It is not just a question of putting large windows up facing the sun. That may well result in the building becoming uncomfortably hot during summer days. The aim of solar passive design is to provide a comfortable environment inside a building without having to use carbon-based fuels to heat it or cool it. So it is not just about the sun. Solar passive design is a holistic design approach requiring the designer to understand basic principles of the physics of heating and cooling as it applies to the environment around the building in question.

Solarity can offer you assistance, should you wish to go solar. Whether you are a current householder in any type of house, a self-builder with or without plans, a housebuilder with or without plans, or an architect/designer with or without plans – we want to help you get the most you possibly can out of solar passive design. See the panel below to read what we can do for you specifically.

  • Solar passive energy is FREE.
  • There is no VAT on solar passive energy.
  • There are never any PRICE INCREASES on solar passive energy.
  • There are NO LIMITS on solar passive energy. Nobody is standing there with a meter waiting to bill you.
  • Solar passive is QUIET. No pumps, no fans, no plumbing noises.
  • Solar energy is DEMOCRATIC. There is no Government regulation to deal with. You control it entirely. You don’t have to be wealthy to use it. It does not come from self-interest groups like big oil, big gas or the nuclear industry. Solar energy does not bully governments or rip off or bully the consumer. It is nature’s gift to everyone and anyone. Nobody controls it, or through it, you.
  • Solar passive energy does not require any refineries, storage facilities, transport and transport costs, ships, tankers, fuel stations, delivery trucks, salesmen, political lobbyists, Health and Safety rules regarding its storage distribution and use, massive cleanup costs, or toxic dumps.
  • Solar passive energy is SAFE. It will not poison you, blow you up or be a fire hazard in your home. It is NON-TOXIC to you and every other life form on this planet. In fact it is almost every life form on the planet’s most essential friend. It will not poison the oceans and it will not poison your grandchildren.
  • Solar passive is SIMPLE. No meters, no pumps, no complicated plumbing, no complicated electrics. No fans, no air ducts. No instruction manuals. No internet sign-ins. No internet billing. No university degree required to understand and use it.
  • Solar passive is CLEAN. No smells, no stains, no washing of filters. No risk of pollution.
  • Solar passive is ZERO MAINTENANCE. No maintenance contracts. No annual service. No waiting for engineers to turn up. No maintenance costs.
  • Solar passive is ZERO CARBON. Zero carbon means you are helping hugely to pull us all back from the environmental catastrophe of global warming.
  • Solar passive is NATURAL. You will be more aware of sun, clouds, weather, temperature – the world around you. Look up from televisions and i-devices! Solar passive will encourage you to observe the natural world because you begin to grasp how man and Nature can interact in a positive way. The sun can give you back to Nature.
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